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No More Selling:

Candy Bars

Coupon Books

Want to know more about OUR unique successful Fundraising idea for:
Charities, Schools and Churches?

Tired of the same old bake sales and candy fundraisers? There are lots of unique ways to fundraise for
your organization. Below, we will outline the most creative ways to engage your target market.

Sponsor / partner with TermInsuranceRates.com

Most contributions to charities, schools, and churches come from parents (parents of all ages). We help
you reach out to those prospects. The giving responsible Parents.

Those same parents have life insurance. Due to technology, longer life expectancies, cost cutting, etc.,
Life insurance rates have dropped as much as 70% over the last 10 years. Many consumers (parents)
are unwittingly paying too much. We help those parents save money on their life insurance with the power of
. We will use our advanced technology and search the Internet for
"these parents" to save them money on their life insurance. SAVE money NOT SPEND money!

NO pressure, NO candy bars, NO coupon books, NO asking for money!!

Put the power of the Internet and today's technology to work for your organization. Contact us now to find
out how we can help YOUR charity, school, or church.

We make it so simple!! It's a real win/win for everyone!!

Anyone that does buy a policy from this site will NOT receive any tax credit, valuable consideration, or special favors for our donation to a charity, school or church.

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